Gold Leaf Foil Paper

Published on 18 March 2023 at 16:00

I have used gold leaf foil paper for a few art projects. It can be a really cool addition to your work! 


The first thing I do is draw out my design and paint the object I’m painting. In the examples I have, I used watercolor paint, however I do think Acrylic may be the best way.

You can lay down your foil first and paint your design on after and add on top of the foil. Watercolor doesn’t stick to the foil very well. You can do some splatter the design with the watercolor and that will dry on. 


As you can see here, I drew a cute little ostrich with my Micron Pens. At this point I am adding the watercolors down to my project.

Now it’s time for the fun and sticky part! I lay down in one corner some modge podge, making sure not to

apply any to my painted parts. I did this in four sections.

Once I have laid down a foil sheet in each area, I let it dry overnight and dust off the extra foil the next day. I would at least give it a few hours to dry completely before trying to brush off excess foil.

This was a fun project to do! I definitely will be using Acrylic paint on the next foil project. I think it lays well on top rather than trying to only reach the edges with the watercolor paint. 


I have listed below all of the supplies I used. I hope your have fun creating with these foil sheets!


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