Using Drawing Gum

Published on 11 March 2023 at 17:28

Have you ever used drawing gum in your artwork? I have enjoyed working with it and experimenting with my art. I will show you how I used it and hope that you enjoy the outcome as much as I have!

So, what is drawing gum used for?

Well... Drawing Gum is a peelable solution used to keep areas of artwork free, for use with ink, watercolour, gouache. It is applied using a brush or pen on the parts of the work to be masked. Colour is applied when the drawing gum is dry.

Some artist like to use masking fluid. What is the difference between drawing gum and masking fluid?

You can use either method to repel the paint from the paper, keeping areas of your water colour painting clean and white. Both methods are effective, but will give different results: The Masking fluid gives a clean, hard edge to your masked out area, while Gum Arabic gives a softer edge.
Both are great options, but today we will focus on the drawing gum. I have found that I have better luck using a paint brush to apply the gum verses using a pen. The pen is filled with the gum liquid and you get the liquid to come out by pressing down on the tip like many paint pens are. 
I found that it seemed to clump up and it didn't apply as smoothly as a paint brush did. Although, to each their own. You may like it!



Pebeo drawing gum is what I have used and had success with. There are many types out there but I highly recommend this brand. It drys very quickly.


I started with a greeting card and applied the drawing gum to the area I wanted, which in this case was the state shape of Kentucky.



Once the gum is dry, apply the watercolor paint on top and around however you like. I just did a color and splatters. SO SIMPLE!!


I use tape around the edges to hold down the card and give a fun border around your masterpiece!

Believe me, this is so easy accomplish! You can use items to trace out a shape like I did for the state.

Cookie cutters work great and come in so many fun shapes!

Linked below are all the products that I used to make my card.

Now go make some art! 


Creativity takes courage. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, sometimes the mistakes are what you will end up loving in the end!

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